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1306-E76T *


built with passion !

The 1300 Series EDi is a true family of in line 6 cylinder turbocharged and turbo aftercooled 7.6 litre and 8.7 litre engines, within a common profile, targeted towards the electric power generation and industrial sectors. This Stage 2, Tier 2 off highway emissions capable family features 'full authority' electronic engine management and hydraulically actuated electronically controlled unit (HEUI) injectors.

Seri 1300 Edi

Engine features :

  • The one-piece cast iron head incorporates helical inlet ports which provide swirl conditioned air for optimum combustion.
  • Under electronic control and management, precise measures of fuel are injected at high pressure into the piston crown combustion chamber to mix and burn with air pre-conditioned by swirl and forced induction.
  • The engine mounted ECM (Electronic Control Modul) is a microprocessor based system monitoring key inputs and outputs from the engine and machine, controlling the operation of the entire fuel system.

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